Arosa Lenzerheide certified companies

In both destinations Arosa and Lenzerheide it is of great importance to protect guests and employees as much as possible from Covid-19. In order to achieve this goal, the vacation region has set up a specific protection label.

The "Arosa Lenzerheide certified" label shows which establishments have committed themselves to special protection measurements against the coronavirus. A list with the corresponding service providers such as hotels, restaurants, transportation services and other companies will follow shortly.

Clean & Safe

The tourism trade associations have launched a ''Clean & Safe'' label. The label lets guests know that they are visiting an establishment that has consciously committed to comply with the safety concept. Further information you will find here.

Face Coverings are mandatory

In all mountain railways (gondola lifts, aerial tramways, chairlifts, skilifts), in all enclosed spaces as well as in the restaurants and hotels there is an obligation to wear a face cover for persons over 12 years of age. Certified face coverings are available in limited numbers from Wednesday, 9 December at our ticket offices. Other models are also available in local sports shops.

Length of stay: max. 60 minutes

The time spent at the seating areas on the terraces of the mountain restaurants is to be limited to a maximum of 60 minutes. It is an offer to consume the take-away food, not a cozy get-together.

Keep distance

You can become infected with the new coronavirus if you have close and prolonged contact with an infected person. By keeping the necessary distance (2 metres), you protect yourself and others from infection: Keep distance to the people in front and behind you when you are queuing. Protect particularly endangered persons in your environment by keeping a distance.

Buy tickets online & pay cashless

If you purchase your ticket at one of our sales points, we ask you to pay cashless whenever possible.


The employees of the Arosa Lenzerheide railways are trained in the protective measures and sensitised to the topic. All employees of the mountain railways wear a certified face covering.

Carry out cleaning and disinfection measures

We ensure regular cleaning and disinfection of toilets, often touched surfaces in buildings and transport systems, especially contact surfaces such as handrails, handles and shelves. Our guests and employees cough and sneeze into a handkerchief or the crook of their arm. We professionally dispose of our used face coverings in the waste. We wash our face coverings daily.

Wash your hands thoroughly

Hand hygiene is even more important this winter: Guests and employees wash their hands thoroughly several times a day. Whenever possible, we refrain from shaking hands and smile charmingly at our counterpart during your stay on the mountain. Furthermore, we recommend the use of the generously provided hand disinfectants.

Show self-responsibility

Please show personal responsibility and protect the health of your fellow human beings. Install and activate the Swiss Covid-APP and thereby help to optimise «contact tracing». Respect our health and hygiene guidelines and enjoy your winter sports days in Arosa Lenzerheide. Please use the waste bins provided for the disposal of single-use masks. Let's give COVID-19 in Arosa Lenzerheide no chance!


In order to guarantee you and us the best possible protection from Covid 19 and to make your stay at Arosa Mountain Lodge as pleasant as possible, we ask you to follow our rules for your safety.